Fidei poly and nysc

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NYSC 18 Comments. This document serve same purpose as the Certificate of National Service given to those who truly served. Below are the requirements for issuance of letter of exclusion. I graduated from ekiti state universitypls l needed my exclusion letter in my office. Can someone help me? I completed my first degree at Ekiti state university as part time program Dec.

I graduated from unijos through a part time programme, and collected my B. Sc result. How will i get it bcos it is urgently needed inorder to be upgraded in my workplace. I applied for NYSC exclusion certificate in my school LASUmessage was sent to my phone from nysc but by the time I tried to open the website I was unable to get through and when the site eventually opend I was told that the site has been closed after several attempts. Pls what can I do and when will the site be reopened?

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I strongly believe if u do so,ur letter will be in ur hands in no time. I paid for exclusive nysc certificate of of osun. Ganiyu you mean exclusion letter is useless? Applicants to report to the Exclusion Division of the Corps Certification Department, 48 hours after submission of application for necessary attention.

Police extract Court Affidavit Photocopy of lost original letter of exclusion. Where the above 4 is not available, the applicant must furnish the department with the date of issuance and certificate number. Author: Wilfred. He writes on Students Nigeria at convenience.

Do you want to be featured? Submit a news to Students Nigeria. Davies Racheal April 28, at am. Asoh February 8, at am. Lawal Mutiu Taiwo March 17, at am. Sunday A. James November 4, at pm.Having looked at the dilemma most aspirants are in each year due to the lack of concrete information about the list of polytechnics in Nigeria and their tuition fee, we have decided to compile an undisputed list of major polytechnics in Nigeria and their school fees for the year You may decide to use this list as a guide when making a decision about your destination for education.

This is a well detailed list of polytechnics in Nigeria and all about their school fees. This stigma on graduate from polytechnic has been causing a lot of students to run away from Polytechnics and focus on only universities even though their chances of getting admission to Polytechnics is higher than the university.

Also, we have written about the list of polytechnics in Nigeria and their cut off marks to assist candidates in making and informed decision in choosing a polytechnic of their choices.

NYSC SENATE LIST- Mobilization list for all institutions 2020/2021- Check Batch A and Batch B list

In this post, we have compiled an excellent list of the top 10 best polytechnics in Nigeria that you can make your choice from. They are excellent and some are even more popular and reliable than most universities in the country. We have included their school fees also to help you make a better decision when you consider your budget. The Polytechnic soon grew in size and population by means of its unique teaching method and resources.

The Federal Polytechnic Auchi is very reputed in diverse areas of engineering, applied sciences and technology, environmental studies, management studies, and art and industrial design. It is reputed as one of the best Polytechnics in Nigeria and is a hotspot for many students who wish to attend a polytechnic.

The school fees of The Federal Polytechnics is very affordable making it a top choice for most students. This decree granted it the mandate to provide full time and part-time courses of instruction and training in technology, applied science, commerce and management and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the needs of the development of Nigeria in the areas of industrial and agricultural production and distribution; and for research in the development and adaptation of techniques.

The college also offers certificate courses. The two programmes are run in conjunction with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and the Federal University of Technology, Akure, respectively. The present student population is about 15, while the total staff strength is about 1, It was one of the best College to be established in Nigeria and it was founded in YABATECH since its inception in has grown from the little size of the population most know than to a giant institution that can compete with any other polytechnics in Nigeria and even beyond.

YABATECH is regarded as the first institution that is higher institutions both polytechnic and universities in Nigeria to establish a Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, with linkages with the world of commerce and industry.

Candidates who did part-time in OND and do not have a Jamb profile are to pay the sum of …. For Jamb regularization. With its unique teaching techniques, innovative lecturers and extensive resources, the school easily differentiates itself from its counterpart in Nigeria.

The school was established in Nigeria in and is located in Nekede region of Imo State. This school is the third on our list of the top 10 Best Polytechnics in Nigeria.


The Polytechnic of Ibadan major function is to cater for students training and development of techniques in applied science, engineering, environmental science, and commerce. Poly Ibadan was established in parent to the existing Technical College, Ibadan under the provisions of a principal Edict cited as the Polytechnic, Ibadan Edict The initial Edict which upgraded the status of this school has undergone several modifications in order to make the higher institution relevant to the present day needs of Oyo State, the Proprietor in particular and Nigeria in general.

The Polytechnic has been churning out lots of low and middle-level manpower that has been making valuable contributions to the social and economic development of the country. As the school continues to grow stronger and finer in its teaching process, it has also produced high-level manpower in some areas such as urban and regional planning, mass communication etc. The primary focus of the Polytechnic is training that is practical oriented.Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko complete and updated courses offered for academic session is now available on our website.

This page will guide you on every detailed information about this topic. Take your time and read through carefully. Fidei Polytechnic, Gboko is one of the private polytechnics in Nigeria that offers diverse undergraduate programmes. Fidei polytechnic is a Polytechnic Located in Gboko, Benue state, Benue is Located in North central Nigeria and it is one of the few privately owned polytechnics in Nigeria.

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fidei poly and nysc

Stop wasting time at Home. We also help in Modifying Examination Results Upgrading.

fidei poly and nysc

Get Started Now. Visit Portal!! Connect Now!!NYSC 59 Comments. The first thing in the mind of every Nigerian Fresh Graduate is to serve. If for any reason you did not see your name there i.

You could also ask questions below and we will respond. If I found my name in senate list but in my dashboard I am seeing my account has being suspended I should meet my school for ratification I finish from Fidel poly.

Pls my name is on d school list but has not been uploaded. Pls what shud I do. The information says registration starts on the 17th.

Because u just said foreign students should register. Pls can I explain better. My name was in my school senate approved list pasted in d school notice board Alvan bt ve checked d unn senate list is nt dia bt oda of my mates found theirs. I check my name on nysc senate approve list.

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I went back to my school to confirm if they sent my name to nysc. But during the biometrics, no record of me was found saying that I am not a Corper. Please what should I do. I tank God NOUN university students is now allowed to serve Nigeria, since den, almost everyone have checked d Senate approved list dia is no one student dia. My record was on my school senete list and is not on NYSC list saying no record found i contacted d school 3 times, saying dat the uploading of the names is still on progress so pls i wnt to prove so.

My school is kano state polytechnic. Hello, Mine is pertaining my class of degree. The class of degree does nt tally with the one in the skul.

I got second class upper but in the error list is reading second class lower. Hw shd I go about this? And also my name ws wrongly spelt I complained but uptil now it is the same mistake I see on the senate approved list.

Amale: Your institution should be able to crosscheck your records for you. Correction of such errors is still on. Get in touch with the people responsible for submitting name to NYSC in your school. Let us know what happens next. My name is showing no records found on the senate approved list,i went back to school the said they have resend but still i cant find my name on the list.So, it is very important that you check the list to ensure your name has been uploaded and you have been mobilized.

Click here to view the date for online registration, printing of call up letter and orientation camp. Thi s post contains a detailed guide on how to check the NYSC mobilization list.

Note that the mobilization list and senate list can only be checked via the official website of the NYSC, please follow these steps properly.

After the page has loaded, if your data appears it means you have been successfully mobilized, so you can go ahead with your online registrations and other required activities. Each batch would have two 2 streams that is stream I and stream II. Notice to all applicants- If you have not seen your name on the mobilization list, do not panic, there would still be more uploads of names and hopefully you will be mobilized before the period is over.

Now that we have properly guided you, we will like to introduce to some of the common terms used in NYSC and their meaning. In order to do this, we encourage you to become our PADI today, do this by subscribing to this blog using your mail.

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Subscription is totally free. Also like our facebook page here. Follow us on twitter Here. But please what should I do now. I am on my 30 but I finished last year by name is on batch A will I b allow to service? I just want to one. You can collect it now if you paid online, visit the NYSC portal and print it out or you go to your school and collect it. I have been trying to check if am already mobilized but they are telling me no record found and my school has sent d pcm names to them. My school made an error in d jamb reg no and as a result its showing no record found.

How do I rectify this and is it still possible to go with this batch A? Your going with batch a is solely dependent on how fast the issue is resolved.

fidei poly and nysc

We advice you contact your school department in charge of NYSC and lay a formal complaint. They will best direct you on what to do. Thank you. Please is it true about this Noun and service? How den will they be mobilize?

My name was not on Senate list in Nysc portal, I have laid complaint to my school and submitted necessary documents.

fidei poly and nysc

How do I know if it has been ractified becos my name is still not appearing on Nysc portal? When is next batch for and how know if the issue I had have been ractified? Please help. The next batch would be in the third quarter of this year. That is when you can see your name if the errors have been successfully corrected.

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Is it now batch B? If yes, are they going to reopen the NYSC Portal for other schools that has not uploaded there students list? Pls some1 should reply me. Pls when is the next batch? Because on my Dashboard it displays your orientation camp has been scheduled to July. You will be notified when to print your call up letter. Pls when is batch B going for service and when is the registration?Updates and Guides on Schools, jobs, Academic programmes and Admissions. About Tolani Mr. Pls I need more clarification on Business admin,can polytechnic accept D7 in Govt?

Then, check your email for a confirmation message. Click the link in the email to complete your subscription. Delivered by FeedBurner.

School Contents.

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Monday, 9 December Tolani Mr. If you notice, that talks on universities and science courses strictly. What of polytechnics that will accept an ordinary pass in English for some science, commercial and art courses? This post may be the right guide for you if you prefer to check for any available polytechnics courses that you can chase with your D7 or E8 in English. See Answer. Posted by: Tolani Mr.

Unknown 12 February at Techie 4 April at Unknown 3 April at Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Receive Posts by Email Enter your email and click subscribe: Then, check your email for a confirmation message.We have also published the list of Federal and States Polytechnics in Nigeria and you can click on the link below to access them. Abia State. Igwuruta Road TankRumuokwurusi, P. Box Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Way, P. Mary Polytechnic, Kwamba.

NYSC SENATE LIST- Mobilization list for all institutions 2019/2020- Check Batch A and Batch B list

BoxAba, Abia State. Ile-Ife, Osun State. Dugbe, Ibadan. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for latest admission information from all the polytechnics in Nigeria. Maurid Institute of Management and Technology, Nasarawa is accredited. Pls i need urgent answer. Please check all the accredited polytechnics in Nigeria Here. I too, am being posted there but i have been researching to know if i would be making the wrong choice by going there. The Secret of scoring more is to study more.

Trust me, it has worked for a lot of us and it is still working for those who practice it. Read more…. Pls guys in accountancy an accredited course in covenant polytechnic pls if yes sm1 pls reply tnx. I would like u pple to come to crown poly in ado-ekiti because is one of d best private poly in Nigeria and all courses is been studied and accredited. | Federal Polytechnic Bida : BIDAPOLY

Have u gotten the information u want? Pls can u help me. Covenant poly. How can some one send a message to Jamb to confirm if his school is accredited by Jamb.

Please ignore the message. We tried checking NBTE portal to see if it is approved. Please do your research properly. I need urgent answer 4 d next step. Well I had been an N.